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Here are twenty-one (21) views of my Travel Page made by different combinations of Operating Systems
(Linux, Windows, MAC, BSD) and browser clients (Opera, Navigator, Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc.).
This was done to check to see how (and if) my web pages were being rendered
in the different OSs and browser clients.


Mouse over any picture for a description. Click on any picture to expand it into a larger view.

Opera on Debian Linux Opera on Win XP Minefield on Win XP MSIE On Win XP Avant on Win XP K-Meleon on Win XP Opera on Ubuntu Firefox 3.5 on Win XP Safari on Win XP MSIE on Win XP IceWeasel on Debian Chrome 2 on Win XP MSIE 6 on Win2000 Navigator 9 on Win XP Navigator 9 on Ubuntu SeaMonkey on Ubuntu Safari 4 on Win XP Safari 4 on Mac OSX SeaMonkey on FreeBSD Minefield on Ubuntu Firefox on FreeBSD



debian Debian Opera opera Minefield MSIE Avant avant K-Meleon Firefox firefox Safari safari Chrome chrome Navigator navigator SeaMonkey seamonkey Ubuntu ubuntu