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The world is full of wonders, some listed, most not. There are the Wonders of the World old and new, the UNESCO sites,
and our own mix of varied places. To make them easier to locate, we have attempted to catalogue
our travel photographs by the geography of continents.

The Travel Notes contain a current representation of all of the countries that I have visited,
our photographic equipment, and other miscellanea.

To navigate, move your mouse into the map and click, or select one of the above.

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Jerrold Patz & Naimah Zakaria at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India   Jerrold Patz on The Great Wall of China   The Sphinx and Great Pyramid   Jerrold Patz Overlooking Machu Picchu   Stonehenge, Salisbury, England    Jerry and Naimah at St Basil's Cathedral, Red Square, Moscow  Jerrold Patz Supporting the Leaning Tower of Pisa   Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem


These are just a few samples, there are many additional pictures on the individual web pages.


As a suggestion, start with  What's New or  My Favorites and work from there,
Search for a location or topic.


We have had a particular interest in sites that the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has identified as cultural heritages;
sites considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.
The listing of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is here.

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Taj Mahal Great Wall of China Pyramids of Egypt Sphinx Machu Picchu Jerrold Patz Stonehenge Naimah Zakaria  Leaning Tower of Pisa Dome of the Rock Jerusalem "Jerrold Patz"  patz travel photos  exotic travel pictures  peru   Red Square St. Basil's Cathedral Moscow St Basil's stonhenge  leaning tower dome of the rock  great wall of china  taj mahal