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This section contains some non-photographic materials from our travels.

Click on any item to enlarge it.


Front of US Yellow Health Alert Card

Back of US Yellow Health Alert Card

Exotic travel also has some drawbacks. For several years I was given this yellow health alert to carry after each of my trips to Asia, Africa, or the lesser-known parts of the Middle East.

From the back:  "The patient presenting this card has recently been abroad, and could have been exposed to a communicable disease not commonly seen in the United States." Well, travel is supposed to expand one's horizons.

This is a ticket for dinner and a show at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Aside from being the oldest hotel in the country, the Raffles has another distinction: it was here that the Singapore Sling was invented. This dinner included a Singapore Sling.

 Dinner Ticket for the Raffles Hotel in Singapore   The Singapore Sling, Invented at the Raffles Hotel

Hong Kong - Canton Train Ticket   Ticket for the Alaska Rail Road

This is my ticket for the Kowloon  - Canton (Hong Kong -Guangzhou) Railroad. The corner is torn to show that the ticket was used.  n 1991 when we made this trip, Hong Kong and China were separate countries with very uneasy borders. There were several security checks. At that time, Chinese trains had two classes: "soft-sit" and "hard-sit". We traveled "soft-sit", roughly first class with upholstered rather than wooden seats. It was probably a mistake, there were no other travelers in our coach. Click here to see the train. "railroad ticket"  "RR ticket"  "train ticket"

On the right is my ticket for the Alaska Railroad. Click here to see the train.

No trip in the South would be complete without a visit to the CNN studios in Atlanta, Georgia. CNN was the first satellite all-news television network. Ticket to CNN Studio Tour, Atlanta, Georgia
This is Jerrold Patz's identification badge to the World Trade Center Building in New York City.  picture Jerrold Patz  

Jerrold Patz "Jerrold Patz" patz.com computer consulting "behavior modeling" "forensic engineering" "patz consulting"  "singapore sling" 


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