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Rather than a theoretical name-brand model, we will follow our field-proven analysis methodology which has resulted in multiple successful projects for a broad spectrum of clients. We break any analysis into four distinct phases, which are consistent regardless of the nature of the project.


 While methodology particulars may vary according to the desired objectives, these four phases are required and constant:

4Discover wherein we gather data relevant to the goals of the study, using all appropriate methods.

4Document wherein we catalog all of our key findings and create the logical representation of the network topology.

4Analyze, Benchmark, Compare & Contrast wherein we distill the data we have gathered, compare with the stated
    objectives and/or industry standards, and contrast to highlight strengths and illuminate deficiencies.

4Recommend wherein we develop a solution set of multiple models that will achieve the stated objectives, while
    performing cost-benefit analysis to identify the most preferred solution.


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