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Here are some of the pictures from our new residence in Florida, USA.

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Entrance to the Pablo Bay Neighborhood

This is the entrance way into Pablo Bay, the neighborhood where our new house is.

This is the new house as it looked when we bought it, before any improvements.

The Front of the House - Before Changes

The Original House Door   The New, Cut Glass Door and Tiled Entryway

This is a before-and-after picture of our front door. (L) the original door and concrete slab, (R) our new art-glass door and tiled entryway.

This is a view from the living room into the kitchen.

View From the Living Room into the Kitchen

The Original Back of the House   The Beginning of Construction - A New Concrete Slab   Construction of the New "Florida Room"

(L) The original back of the house, (M) the newly poured concrete slab for our remodeling project, and (R) construction of our new "Florida Room".

Laying the new, warm, terra cotta tiles in the Florida Room.

Laying the Terra Cotta Tiles in the Florida Room

Sitting In The New Florida Room

Me sitting in the now-finished Florida Room.

These are views of the library with floor-to-ceiling bookcases on the N. and S. walls, (L) as seen from the Florida Room, and (R) from the front door.

Snapshot of Part of The Library  

Boring Concrete Driveway 'Before' Construction   The Beginning of the Demolition, Removing all of the Poured Concrete

We decided on a new construction project: Replacing our boring concrete driveway. (L) is a "before" shot as the driveway appeared. (R) The beginning of the demolition, removing all of the poured concrete.

The demolition continued until all of the concrete was gone. Then, the area was graded with crushed rock and sand, and prepared for the new paving stones (L). (R) The "After" photo, all of the pavers in place awaiting a good wash. The terra cotta theme from the Florida Room is now carried out to the street,

The Demolition, Removing all of the Poured Concrete   'After' Construction - A Colorful Paving Stone Driveway

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Here is a montage of additional pictures.

Mouse over any picture for a description. Click on any picture to expand it into a larger view.

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