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Here are some of the new pictures from our residence in Florida, USA, and its surroundings.

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Jerrold Patz & Naimah Zakaria Sleeping on the Floor in front of the Fire

Here we are, sleeping on the floor in front of the fire, our last night in Massachusetts.
 "Jerrold Patz" Jerrold Patz & Naimah Zakaria sleeping on the floor

This is some of the detritus from the housecleaning; a 5 cubic yard dumpster containing over 3 US tons (2,730 kilos) of stuff.

A Dumpster Hauling Away Our Housecleaning Trash

Commemorative Marker in St Augustine, Florida; America's First Permanent European Settlement Florida - The Sunshine State. This commemorative marker was in St. Augustine Florida. It marks the site of the first permanent European settlement in the
United States in 1565.

Florida welcomed us with our own, customized directions.

Our Roadsign in Florida

Jacksonville Florida Skyline

This is the Jacksonville skyline as seen from the museum on the south bank of the river. The Jacksonville Landing, a city mall, is in front of the taller buildings.

This is a close-up of the Modis Building's odd base architecture, and the Main Street Bridge on the far right. The Jacksonville Landing is the red-roofed building on the left.

Jacksonville Florida Skyline

Our Outback and Townhouse

This is the townhouse that we bought when we came to Florida, an end unit, bordering the trees. It is a three bedroom, three bathroom, up/down house. That's our northern kitchen and dining room windows. That's also our Subaru Outback.
Pictures of our new Florida house are here.

This is a picture of our living room with furniture taken from the 2nd Floor balcony and us in the living room.

Living Room as seen from the Balcony   Jerrold Patz & Naimah Zakaria in The Furnished Living Room, Florida

Jerrold Patz in his Office and Workspace   Two flat panel monitors connected as one big one. They support different wallpaper and screen use, and can be ganged together as one very wide screen.

Jerrold Patz in his new office in the  upstairs of the townhouse. Notice the two flat panel monitors. "Jerrold Patz"  

This is a view of the compound's pond, fountain, and clubhouse. You can just make out the pool between the fountain and clubhouse.

View of Fountain, Pond, and Clubhouse

Lighthouse on Tybee Island

This is the lighthouse on TYBEE ISLAND, a barrier island off the coast of Savannah Georgia. (see history below)

This plaque outlines some of the history of the Tybee Lighthouse.

Tybee Lighthouse Information Sign

Naimah on Top of Tybee Lighthouse

Naimah at the top of the Tybee Lighthouse, the Atlantic Ocean is behind her.

Who would have thought that Florida had a small town named "HAVANA"?

Havana City Limits Road Sign

Sunset in the Gulf of Mexico

This is the beginning of a beautiful sunset  into the Gulf of Mexico, at Indian Rocks Beach, Clearwater .

The Wonderworks Museum in Orlando (where Disney, Sea World, and Universal are) makes one stop and think. The building appears to be completely inverted.

picture upside-down building inverted building

Wonderworks Museum, Orlando Florida

Oryx and Flamingos at Busch Gardens   Rhinocerous at Busch Gardens

Hippopotamus Swimming at Busch Gardens

On our visit to Busch Gardens in Tampa we saw scimitar oryxes, rhinos, and, look carefully, a hippo swimming underwater.
 picture hippopotamus (hippopotamous)  rhinoceros oryx flamingo 

The University of Tampa provides an unusual skyline item with its Moorish revival architecture featuring minarets, domes, and cupolas. This main building was the former Tampa Bay Hotel built in 1891.
picture onion dome moorish dome, minaret 

University of Tampa Moorish Building   Moorish revival architecture at UTampa

Moorish revival dome at UTampa

Naimah on a Carousel

Naimah riding a carousel (Merry-go-Round) in Busch Gardens.

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