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Patz and Associates Consulting was established in 1989 by Jerrold Patz to provide high-level problem solving and
 forensic engineering to business and academia.

We often refer to forensic engineering as ‘behavior modeling’, Enterprise Performance Analysis, infrastructure analysis,
and benchmark or baseline analysis. In some ways it is a proper superset of capacity planning; and is generally more
diagnostic and descriptive. After successfully postdicting the behavior of the elements under study, the model then is
'turned around' to predict the future. One can hardly plan or understand the future without a complete and accurate
picture of where one is today.

Behavior Modeling has been the seed of most of our analyses. We assist customers grappling with the management of
their enterprise networks, or their complex networks of local servers and appliances. As much art as hard science,
behavior modeling depends on good science and an extensive historical perspective consisting of received wisdom,
knowledge of other installations and situations, industry specifications, and, finally, best practices. Using statistics and
trace elements, a behavior model can shed valuable light on how enterprises can keep their infrastructures running at
peak performance levels.

Patz and Associates conducts a thorough and professional set of analyses on the network infrastructure or selected
components of that infrastructure. By network infrastructure we refer to those active elements of the network whose
performance can be tuned to enhance the overall performance of the network.

 These elements include, but are not limited to:

·        routers

·        switches

·        servers

·        gateways (proxy servers, Web servers, DNS, etc.)

·        firewalls, honeypots, tar pits

·        aggregates such as:

·        LANs

·        WANs

·        the overall IP scheme.

Based on the findings of our analyses, we make recommendations to affect changes to enhance performance,
security, and/or operations. We undertake to discover the topology fully, document its elements and behavior,
and benchmark its operations. Based on our formal document, discover, analyze, and benchmark activities, we
will make recommendations to enhance operations or to increase utility and survivability of the element or elements.


We have provided modeling services to more than 50 companies. Contact us for references, project summaries, or outcomes.


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