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This project involved an underperforming HP configuration. When a consultant recommended a complete system upgrade,
 we were engaged either to validate the recommendation of the first consultant, or to suggest a different course of action. Again, we recommended that the system be studied to determine what needed upgrading.

After several days of system monitoring, modeling, and careful analysis, we determined that since user demand was peaking to 85% that there was insufficient CPU capacity.


Based on additional analyses, we determined that the the present CPUs were overburdened (hitting a 94% occupancy rate [OCC]) and that the system required an additional two CPUs to meet current needs, and 4 CPUs to meet expected growth (see RUN Q statistics, below).



On the disk front, we determined that the majority of disk volumes were operating outside of their rated specifications.


This installation required additional CPUs, a new disk array, and a complete re-articulation of all of the files on the storage subsystem.

 Result: Customer saved over $250,000 on an unnecessary system replacement and still achieved desired performance.

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