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There are many things associated with the "PATZ" name and family.

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

PATZ PILS Beer Can It might appear that our family had something to do with beer, but aside from some hobbyist avocation, it does not.  These are from Jerrold Patz's travels. picture patz beer "patz beer can" "patz beer bottle"       PATZ PILS Beer Bottle

Turn of the century family picture

This is an old Patz family picture from about 1911. My father is the baby seated near the middle of the picture (in the red box); his father is directly behind him.

(L) This is a small picture of my mother's family; she is the baby on the left sitting on her father's lap; her mother is standing behind her father.

(R) A picture of me and my two brothers circa 1948. I am the little one of the left. photo Jerrold Patz and his brothers

My mother's family; she is the baby on the left   A picture of me and my brothers (circa 1948)

Dad's 90th Birthday Party

My father's 90th birthday party, New York, April 2001.
Front Row: Julie (brother Stan's wife, Dad, Naimah
Back Row: Aviva (brother Norman's daughter), Trip (Aviva's husband), Naomi (brother Norman's wife), Ari (brother Stan's son), brother Norman, brother Stanley, Jerrold Patz.   "Joseph Patz"  "Joe Patz"

The final resting place and grave marker of our parents, Joseph Patz and Sarah Patz in Sharon, Massachusetts.
"Joseph Patz" "Sarah Patz" gravestone headstone cemetery marker patz  
Joseph Patz & Sarah Patz Grave Marker
Joseph Patz Grave Marker Detail   Sarah Patz Grave Marker Detail

These are detailed photographs from the grave marker. The bronze plaque for Sarah Patz (11 additional years in the weather) is more faded than the newer plaque for Joseph Patz.
   gravestone  cemetery

A current picture of my brother, Stan Patz (more information, click here).
For information about his son Etan Patz, go here or here.
"Stan Patz" stanley 
My brother, Stanley Patz
Naimah's father (Zakaria) Studying a Digital Picture

This is Naimah's dad, Ba (father),  Zakaria, studying his own digital picture.
(Nov. 2003)

Left, a 1999 picture of me with niece Nadia.  On the right, two of the nieces, Nadia and Nina, dressed to go to school. (middle: March, 2001; right: November 2003)
picture Jerrold Patz
"Jerrold Patz"

AA/PL with Nadia, January 1999   Nieces Nadia and Nina, March 2001

Nieces Nadia and Nina, November 2003

New Niece, Amira Lyana, with Nephews   Syafiq and Naim Clearing the Jungle

Princess Amira, March 2005

Naimah holding a new niece, Amira Lyana, with her brothers Syafiq and Naim. Nephews Syafiq and Naim cleaning the yard (Dec 2003), Amira in March 2005.
Naimah and brother Najib at the Alor Setar Airport.
(Dec 2003)
Najib and Naimah at the A/S Airport

Zaitun with new baby Aina Nabila and Nadia

The newest family member, Aina Nabila with mother Zaitun and sister Nadia .
(March 2002)

Naimah and new niece Nabila (March 2002)
Nabila in June 2003.

ML Naimah with Nabila   Nabila in June 2003

India at her second birthday party   India and Natasha

Grandniece India, April 2006   Grandniece Natasha, April 2006

This is my grandniece India [click here for the country India] at her second birthday party, and with her sister Natasha. India and Natasha in April, 2006 photo grandnieces Natasha India 
This is another set of adorable grandnieces, Dahlia and Sadie (October 2009) Grandnieces Dahlia and Sadie   Grandnieces Dahlia and Sadie

Ari at Castaway Key, Jacksonville, Florida   Naimah and Ari in Our Library

(L) Here is Ari at Castaway Key, Jacksonville on his October 2009 visit to us
and (R) Naimah and Ari in our library.

Here is a July 2006 photo of my father and two of his grandchildren - Shira and Ari.
photo of Dad, Shira, and Ari  
Photo of Dad, Shira, and Ari

Naim in Military Uniform   Naim with Mother Noraini and baby-sister Amira

Nephew Naim with Father Madzlan

Pictures of nephew Naim in training uniform at a school function,
with his mother Noraini and baby-sister Amira, and with his father Madzlan.
The photos were taken by his brother Syafiq.

This is me with brother-in-law Nadzair's family: Nina, me, Nadzair, wife Zaitun, Nadia, and the two smaller kids Aiman and Nabila.  Far right, Naimah (with short hair), Nadia, Nina, Nabila, and Aiman.
photo Jerrold Patz "Jerrold Patz"   
Nadzair and Family   Naimah with Nina, Nadia, Aiman and Nabila (2006)

Lisa Patz - Europe   Laurent Patz - Europe

Joe Patz - Europe   The European Patz Family

This is part of the European contingent of a family named Patz.
top - Lisa, Laurent; bottom Joe and the family
[front - Laurent, Joe, Lisa; back - Monique, Gilbert].
 photo Glibert Patz, Monique Patz, Lisa Patz, Laurent Patz, Joe Patz europe Europe gilbert monique lisa laurent joe   

See a montage of additional pictures of family and friends here.

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