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Tarpon Springs is a small fishing village about 45 km north of Tampa, Florida. Founded in the 1850s,
 it was incorporated in February of 1887. It is the site of the early sponge industry in America,
 and was the 'sponge capital of the world'. Today, it is a quaint fishing village typified
 mostly by Greek immigrants, Greek language, Greek food, and Greek culture.
Ironically, there are no tarpon in Tarpon Springs (the fish thought to be
tarpon turned out to be something else, but the name 'stuck').

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks on River

This is a picture of the back of the Tarpon Springs sponge docks, shot along the Anclote River.

This is an exhibit of a Tarpon Springs historic sponge diver plying his craft.

Tarpon Springs Sponge Diver

Tarpon Springs Street Scene

This is a typical street scene in Tarpon Springs. We are on Dodecanese Boulevard, a place full of Greek shops and Greek restaurants.

This is a photo of the Tarpon Springs tour trolley that took us around the whole town. As the front panel states, it costs $1 for the tour.

Tarpon Springs Tour Trolley

St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Tarpon Springs, Florida   St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Tarpon Springs, Florida

These are two views of Tarpon Springs's St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, a replica of St Sophia (aka Aya Sophia, Hagia Sofia, Church of Holy Wisdom  ) in Istanbul. Click here to see the original.
 Tarpon Springs St Nicholas Greek church "orthodox church"  

This is a detail of the dome inside the church.
Tarpon Springs St Nicholas Greek church "orthodox church"    

Detail of St Nicholas's Dome

St Nicholas's Stained Glass Windows   St Nicholas's Stained Glass Windows Here are two details of the church's stained glass windows.
 Tarpon Springs St Nicholas Greek church "orthodox church"      

We purchased a picture postcard of the church just in case our pictures
 did not look good.  

Picture Postcard of the St Nicholas Cathedral

Viaduct to Howard Park, Recreation and Beaches Just west of the sponge docks, across this viaduct, is Howard Park, a recreation area and beach.

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